Wednesday, April 29, 2009

the dandelions reminded me to think of you.

working on a submission for hey hot shots!
in doing some research on past winners i discovered these two images by matthew tischler. they make me glad.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

been listening to a lot of '90's hip hop, i get around.

haven't done a global screen grab in awhile..besos to all my new australian+spanish viewers+whoever you are in romania.

orange you glad you came.

birthday guapissima.ADF+cedez
profoundly prophetically pink.
orange you, yes you are.
kiki's carrots+cape
silly string set.
monsieur elliot posing in the lolli garden.chris's brown on the town, showin some leg (ready-ing ADF for some short short summer competition)
concentrating gremlin.
ladies by dustin.
the fam. (i have an almost identical shot of C+R on las ramblas in barcelona'03 sin nino)

miss rachel had a stupendous birthday party, with a sweet theme, as usual: dress in one color ..which was so righteous+fotogenic, we all have decided should probably happen once a month, or until we run out of monochromatic options. there was wacky sting+balloons+color coded food+a lolli garden installation (which i would like to re-shoot cause the polaroids didn't do it justice)..
also i found out that papabubble might maybe host the afterparty for the COURT show?!?! (fingers crossed+i'll keep you posted).

bed stuy on high.

first barBq of the season was fittingly on tom mylan's roof. you may be familiar with his work. he's the famous butcher of brooklyn and part of the marlow posse.

(serious apologies from the crappy quality of these polaroids, xabi took his laptop to spain+i don't have the scanner software on mine..)

we were caught up in some magic and couldn't make it back until fridy.

we did everything there was to do..made the train, hit an orchard, seriously nailed it at the thrift stores (might have to do a post about that later), lunch with dad, drinks with a high school bestE, mad luck with radical radio play, drove around with the top down, stayed up later than intended, indulged in whiskey tumblers+slid across the floor in our socks, listened to crickets, found petticoats+basically all dreams fulfilled.

i mean, honestly, who wants to be wishyEwashE this time of year.

bedford ave street sale: 90's floral bodysuit +cutoffs(2 fave scores from last weeks trenton thrifting/cheek-ie headband as belt/platform birks (bought in florence '98-wore until '00, now-back in the mix)/samma pyramid necklace
saturday brunch+park day: a.p.c.motorcycle jacket/whitley kros maxi dress (hillary rush)/a.p.c. gladiator sandals
rachel's de colores bday party: vintage kelly kapowsky dress (circa now)/sonia rykiel sheer blouson cardi(someplace in dumbo)/vintage platforms(ebay)
monday errands: vintage lion of judah/guess button down shorts (trenton thrift)/dorthea ankle strap flats (barcelona'03)
1st barbQ of he season: vintage misfits tank(soho street vendor)/oversize vintage levi's 684(new hope vintage)/crazytown vintage platforms with stacked wood+lucite heel+red braided leather toe+ankle tie up(albuquerque thrift)
dinner with ma at dressler: tse cashmere cardi(left at my apt after a party:)/proenza schoueler for target stripes(opening ceremony)/a.p.c. corduroy skirt(creatures of comfort)/chloe oxfords
samantha pleet sample sale: a.p.c. moto/vintage mexico mama top(doubletake in santa fe)/the row davies jeans(barney's,finally took my busted ones back after 6 months+traded for new ones!)/jeffrey campbell studded heels(OAK)
errands: am apparel cowl-turtleneck dress(clothing swap)/cowry shell ncklace from mali(from anguilla)/h+m tights/combat boots(saver's in albuquerque)
gallery night: busted up blue T(ex bf's dad's)/vintage spandex full-on catsuit(thrift)/combats

a japanese gato is better than a dick in the box.

thanks to claire of gossip topic

Saturday, April 25, 2009

je t'aime les fleurs...+also mink. por vida-

my dad, sheldon, took these.
(they are from the 1984-1987 scrapbook)
i asked him to scan them for me when i was home this week.
he did it uber promptly.
amazing. merci popsali!

here's old school beezie featured in: spandex+cotton raglan sleeve paired with guatemalan glove, polka dots+pearls-tulips+sassy pose, a vintage mink+a stripey oversized skirt.....................

so close, yet.
so, true.

Friday, April 24, 2009

there's a righteous saturday ahead.

hi friends!!

tomorrow is going to be a gorgeous day!
finally spring is here.
+to celebrate. i'm combining two favorite things: grass+vintage.

sari+i will be rolling out a rack full of springE clothes+a full length mirror.

+i will be giving away free tote bags with every purchase!


mccarren park, (planning on setting up by 12th+bedford)


why not:

you might find a treasure..
come hang out, try stuff on,bring yourselves+friends+pets+blankets(+cash money).

mostly vintage_circa:50's-90's

****harem pants, a rasta sweater+ rasta off the shoulder fiesta top, playsuits, rompers, jumpsuits, leotards, daydresses, a gold lurex vest with matching knickers, prim coats, denim hotpants, army coat, vintage joan jett T, red trench+such; you get the idea.

there will also be some designer duds: biba, bonjour, eley kishimoto, mon petit oiseau, marc by marc, theory+ more.

i will also have some boots+trainers+sandals+platforms, along with a smattering of accessories.

i hope you can come!

+feel free to forward to anyone that likes grass+/or vintage.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

oh, snap. i've been caught in a trap.

ok, well, i've been obsessed with espadrilles for years. my mom used to pick them up on trips to france+ wear them in the warmer seasons. +really, i think it's the perfect summer shoe for anywhere anytime. night/day/dresses/skinnies/hot pants, you name it-they all go with a drille..and the comfort level is on par with keds but they are a step beyond. now, i love me a killer heel but sweaty feet+tromping around the city.. well, i prefer comfort over suffering (mostly).
so, shit. i thought i was being so good not shopping. (or trying not to anyway..that moto got me a little tricked up).. unfortunately i'm on bird's email list+well, i'm probably going to have to cough it up for these tsumori chisato numbers (+for her the price is quite reasonable)...the hard part will be picking a color...

maybe baby..

some art for saturday.
the PIG presents


April 25 - August 9, 2009
Opening Saturday, April 25, 7 - 10 PM


(212) 343-7300

a dreary day with notions from far+wide.

i've been introduced to a new favorite brit!!! and now i introduce to you, miss chrissie abbott! not only is she besties with my besties over at righteous plaisant, but she is a PHENEMENOL artist, who's on this side of the pond making it happen with her skilled artistry+beautiful face. check out her blog, clouds and monsters (i can't seem to get her website working but it's here.)

i got stuck on the internet all night last night+the last thing i looked at before bed was jean- baptiste mondino's facebook page..don't ask it was 6 in the morning. (yikes) but i liked these 2 shots. now, you may have noticed, i'm not one for studio fotos but he definitely captured heir karl in action, which seems difficult, as he's quite literally always buttoned up..+as for miss thang. well she's awesome(+ honestly it paired well with chrissie's work)..

seriously considering this liberty printed situation for my summer swim bath (xabi's term)..i think it would look quite nice in mallorca+maine.

this fiona paxton gal is getting me jazzed on her neckware. someday soon i'm gonna get some to add to the collection...(maybe i'll even ask for one for my 30th bday in october.)

y'all know i love a romp in a romper+this one from a.WANG would be totally righteous with the moto. (but because of the moto+the majorca, i won't be getting it)
i really need to start quilting+making zines+this guy looks like it could do the job. AND look good as i ponder diy.
tavi reminded me that it was miss edie's birthday yesterday..this shiny little smokestack had the earring collection, i covet more than anyone, ever.
these alexander wang for superfine are what i've been looking for. a loosey goosey situation for the waist ('cause let's get real, i've been eating+drinking too much..+the whole salad thing has lost it's appeal) paired with skinny bottoms for my best half...but sadly the price is not so, might have to employ the genius's at C&D i.e. claire and dustin to sort something out for me with a pair of bdg jean?
june.june.june.june.june.june.june.june.june.june.june.june.june.june.june.coming soon...
just seems like a good idea. i love pictures+lil'edie..seems like a perfect reference guide.
i just adore this picture made by ADF in collaboration with the most delightful enthusiast.
he needs to shoot more, but he knows i feel that way.

+ lastly this skirt. which has been hovering on my desktop with no where to go, for weeks. i can't recall where it's from but i love the textiles, so there.
also, see here and here for creamsicle flavored a.p.c. items i love but can't drag off the site.

c'est tout.

now i need to go do real work on the COURT catalogue...