Thursday, January 15, 2009

fair weather friend

what a difference a couple days make.

tree pose just in time..

finally went back to yoga today!! i signed up for a membership with the idea that if i have already paid, that i might just go...wish me luck with my new years resolve...

(wall painting by the lovely katharine)

caribe carry ons

fyi: there's currently a plane in the hudson river..

turner alerted me to this story from location in miami..all i have to say is-holy shit. this is too many crashes..too close to home....apparently it went down due to a bird strike. damn canadian geese at it again. luckily none of the 150 odd passengers were hurt. thankfully the pilot, who's known as sully, was talented enough to actually (+apparently expertly) land the plane in the water..below is the flight tracker...

+in a mildly related fashion note..i'd like you to know that this jacket is my new obsession:
proenza schouler is killing me with this blue bomber..PLEASE make it would be so wrong for it not to be..

godspeed to all y'all.