Tuesday, September 23, 2008

CHEEK-IE lookbook shoot

so much amazing, it's hard to even begin. i had a fun friday surrounded by ms. angela barrow's wonderful wares.
i was lucky enough to walk out with the braided neon head topper (the color is even more amazing in person!) and my favorite new patternclash bracelet featured above. ms. bev and i are mutually jazzed on a number of favorite pieces, including seersucker-like lavender suspenders, and some genius dangle locket earrings, which are indeed, the perfect length.
if you haven't already, check out iheart or pixie market or the good bad and the ugly to find some of your own!
[fingers crossed that my "modeling" stint went okay.]


so, i got some plants last week..and we got a couch (tweedy--with plexi side pieces!), a coffee table and some color block pedestals..
now, i'm hoping to finally unpack the last of the moving boxes by october.....
look forward to the fall fiesta on october 17th--it's shaping up to be a triple threat. mercedez singleton [october 14]+david black[october 17]+yours truly[october 19]= one big birthday bash celebrating the lavish libras in your life..or if you prefer earth signs to astrology...come cavort with the coyotes!

opening ceremony wants more of your $$$honey

chanel pod comes to new york!!!

click to enlarge and buy advance tickets..
who's coming with me?!