Thursday, November 29, 2007


love me some gossip girl

just saying,what could be better? it's like the o.c. but on the u.e.s.

nature and industry make nice

don juan told carlos castaneda to say thank you for this kinda thing. so thank you.

considering steiglitz

jacqueline and some other cool kids

this gal won my heart

we got to talking because we were both wearing fur hats,and i asked to take a style foto-which didn't capture her fabolousity [yea, i know kimmora lee simmons has won my heart too-shut up, her reality show is kinda genius]..then we met the artist. and it went on from there.

shiri shows up at planespace

these are super subjective slices of her work. but the details are kind of my favorite part..[and this gal has got some serious watercoloring skills, which never fail to impress me-- kinda like those kids who have the skills to breakdance on the train.]

indoor and outdoor detrius

finally got rid of the non functional laundry basket, i've been pretending was fine..after 2 1/2 years...good riddance oragami colorfield.

२ o'clock winter light at 226