Wednesday, February 20, 2008

mercedez's rad middle name

and also, perhaps and most likely, my future child's.

total eclipse of the heart

and dark side of the moon.

i.e.go outside or look out your window,like right NOW.

last time until 2010.

pardon me?

usually there is some pointed accuracy in the ads. but this? this is just plain old amazing nonsense. who do they think i am?
see, it's surprising because the body of the email was २ [people-free] american landscape fotos and with that google adsense came up with this fine selection.
i am terribly curious as what person is interested in all these things at once? who's the target in this pitch? and perhaps i should meet them and start a photo essay. [my imagination can really expound on this fictional character.]

communication theory

passing notes.