Sunday, April 27, 2008

rainy day women

we sat it out, 'like it was london', whilst all y'all pussed out and went inside.

the jam

the invites

top created by house of donnelly
bottom courtesy of white lightning

nerds of blogtown steez

1. steve of polio polio polio...all's i can say is, FUCK YEA!

2. ladyE of white lightning..rocking the white fantastic

3. claire of gossip topic..covetable fringe fantastic

4. carlen of carlen altman..modeling one of her jewish rosaries. on the right is the host, DB, modeling one of BD's grateful dead t's [which i just began to suspect was brought to the city for me/as brendan said he had left a black GD T at dave's and i could arrange to get it from dave, when i got back from LA/ is it serendipitous that dave should be wearing it everytime i see him as of late?/ hmm..]

manhattan vintage show

4. clements on the corner. she was on the fone. i was listening to spanish for dummies on my ipod

2.rEdiculously stunning [but unfortunately slim fitting] emerald green terry de havilland platforms, that i tried to jam on, to no avail. but which kat managed to squeeze into, only to decide that they were only appropriate for seated parties. and at $200, an L riding girl was unlikely to indulge. [they are back in production and thus exist as a super dream shoe (along with the vivienne westwood mary jane/ and pirate boot)]

3.this guy. who i haven't seen since the day i got my red fur hat at the hell's kitchen flea market..what a hoot..i'm terribly curious about him and his like minded addiction to vintage. well and also how he became such a mad hatter. [i will say he has some of the very best spandex in town.

4.what one wears to work, when one goes shopping at the metropolitan pavillion with one's boss, the one and only betsey johnson.[not sure why i didn't take her picture]

i will show you pics of my scores in a post soon..but highlights were a chain vest/necklace thing, wide leg hang ten jeans, a 70's bikini with matching tie front crop top, super worn in 70's playboy ringer T and strawberry print superwide leg summer trousers.

katie's treasures were a mauve and white strappy seersucker jumpsuit, an emerald/teal cropped knit bra/tank, high waisted khaki safari shorts, and an amazing red white and blue 60's or 70's bikini..i dare her to post them for you to see.

sounds like a lot. but we collectively restrained from buying a hot pink YSL fiesta dress confection, slightly too tight but handmade asian slippers, $200 green linen caftan, $80 70's AMAZING stripey hotpants, white ferrago flats, a chanel gun, giant bird necklace, spats, a wooden clutch with sailboat inlay and oh so much more...

so so much amazing stuff from vendors around the country.
i highly recommend a visit when it happens again in the fall. i know i will be a returning offender.

an exchange with a [tuned out] vendor from virginia, "are skinny jeans back? you're the second girl i've seen today with them on."
to which i replied [stifling an aghast fashion reflex], "it's basically a jeans free for all right now-skinny, wide leg, bell bottom, straight, anything goes but bootleg"