Saturday, October 25, 2008

bff friday: chanel pod mission

we missed our 2:30 reservation for the chanel mobile art installation nation by about 3 hours..luckily we never run out of things to discuss, as we waited in the (freezing cold) stand by line for over an hour. if you haven't been already, i highly recommend you go. the experience is certainly one of the more unique art experiences that either of us have ever had. mercedez's favorite was the first piece in the show, an innovative light structure/chandelier; while my favorite was the puddle reflection projection. +we both enjoyed ms. yoko ono's wish tree. we wrapped up our day date with a dinnertime tete a tete at roebling..bestE's best days, leaving me feeling very glad for all of my favorite things-bestest's+chanel+art+beet salads..fuck yea.

in through the out door

three succinct shots fired

it's complicated..

i was really trying not to buy stuff but these were too good to pass up. + shockingly, i don't have any brown winter shoes, other than my 4.5 inch chloe platform booties from 2 years ago (fyi:rationalization is a mega strong suit of mine) i had a full out bidding war (with some jerk) for these fine lace ups...i think they're kind of a great mix of 70's hippydip with a slight touch of the (too goth for me) ann demeulemeester's ...kind of a convenient juxtaposition of my kinda shoe..