Friday, March 20, 2009

you are so becoming this time of year.

walmart undies.
santa fe. 2003.

birds of a feather.

i just scanned this's from denver in 2006..(mercedez is there now. i haven't seen her in over a week.+i miss you boo-give gerry+larry+richard my love)
also. this is for all my buddies. i love you true blue. y'all make my life on a wire all the more delightful. thank you for all your love and support.
with love of flights of fancy.

tomaselli acid trip in action

.."because it’s mesmerizing. A bit like a Koons in that all you can do is gawp. And a bit like an old Fred Tomaselli painting come to life. Union’s (non-functioning) website here."

p.s. this is a word for word post from delicious ghost...i couldn't have explained it better, so i didn't even try. thanks cliff.

thomas trosch: "spring in park lane"

up at f+f gallery

i've not yet been..

but miss claire has many covetable items from previous EMG sales, notably her amazeballs turquoise platforms sneaks: as seen on her blog header (a lucy's besosyfotos shot:)