Tuesday, August 31, 2010

the holland tunnel takes you straight to grown up summer camp but the waynes world soundtrack got us there..

thanks to a day19 invitation we bopped out to lake hopatcong for jeremy's dad's 2nd annual beer fest.
gotta say, i love these guys for showing me my first jersey lake experience since girl scout camp (in what might have been 1990)..
highlights included: a personal car ferry. homemade kahlua. galpal dock time. a soggy sunday morning. the dreamteam jersey diner brunch. a speedy nj transit bus ride.
+only a little drama..sprained knees, a tent switcheroo, projectile blackberry gin to name but a few.
we had a blast.

if your name is iris apfel, you win.

above foto
by cupcake luxe.

i MEAN come ON..she's AMAZING.
so full of awesome it's hard to believe.
probably you are familiar, perhaps not..either way this recent article in the guardian is fantastic.

i've got a few exciting projects coming up+one is abstractly involved with this fine femme.
tell you more sooooon.