Tuesday, November 20, 2007

arizona sheepass

superstar claire

one of my very favorite fotogals, claire weiss, is showing her pictures along with some other fotoladies. if you happen to be in san fran. go to.. receivergallery.com

tuesday's commute

west village to 57th st to chelsea and back.

big drop

dropped off a ridiculous amount of negatives for scanning. [the guys at this place frickin' love me, i give them A LOT of business].. look forward to promo material and a nice and proper website in the new year.


emily post didn't reference this material

dinner with ma'dear ms.mamie at extra virgin..discussing 'overlapping', turkey (the country not the bird), mum aspirations. and how to deal with unfamiliar and potentially uncharted waters, alone. see, there's no emily post chapter about some things, perhaps it's time for a new book.