Friday, February 29, 2008

that's what she said.

one stop shop makes happy

work day run in

saw adam crossing the street, yelled. this resulted in an impromptu midafternoon visit to the BUST magazine office.
a delightful working environs, nice folks and one super sweeeet screen saver.

under the rug

5:02 pm
howard st.

almost bought pants

i went in for the high waisted gingham chloe peg legs and almost ended up with euro (pause) hammer pants. but i left with some radical sunglasses from grey ant and a stripey tank from alexander wang...
story goes:the c.s. pants were great but a little baggy. as it appears she had them cut the patterns a bit big. at 5'8" i am certainly no size small, for these i needed the small. obviously they were sold out..their clients or patrons, rather, tend to be on the slighter side..

anyhoo, thursday's lesson learned again.
procrastination nation needs to go on vacation.

opening ceremony

p.s. remind me to cut up my credit card..this fashion shit's dangerous..

lens and repro-pro's

went to drop off my nikon n80.
which i dropped at mamoun's months ago.
in october actually, after the papabubble opening.

anyhow i haven't used the camera since.
it's just been sitting by the toaster, ready for fixing andcollecting dust.
appearing on a plethora of to do lists:get nikon fixed.

and goddamn it. i took it in today.
well, the exact thing that happened last time..
he opened the camera, pushed some buttons.
and the shutter worked like frickin'magic.

lesson learned.
go forth promptly.

lens and repro
33 w.17th st. 5th floor.

more moderated wildlife

at bust magazine and the central park subway, respectively.

cosmopolitan club cobb

hurried birthday lunch with ma.
celebrating and gifting the best mummsa out there.

lexington ave and 70th st.

11:15 am

dog day afternoon