Wednesday, September 30, 2009

full to the brim.

so much so that my computer won't take it///my hardrive is all full up...
so until's the first taste of california dreaming.

gracias chica!

turner, i love this.

she's adopted.

and she's my favorite.

do the right thing.

they did.

+CONGRATULATIONS to you TWO-absolutely astoundingly perfect-for-each-other ALWAYS dears!!!
i've never laughed+cried during a ceremony before.

mazel tov and QUE VIVA!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

we went out there for a wedding.

and we saw these crazy birds perched on the wall at our comfort inn.
the first of many first delights of our adventure.

star light star brite first shot we took that night.

star lounge ventura.
old school nudies with kyle and the dude, repectively.

if you find yourself staying at the vagabond inn by the beach, i'd recommend this spot for a word-up-watering-hole. star lounge is pretty much totally sweet, kinda like lucy's but with mad west coast steez.

in god we trust again:

the splendid ms. shana is moving and shaking again!
her dandy duds and precious metals have a new home on the right side of the river.
+we'll get it on with hendrick's gin.
see you there.

be certain that my reality is overstuffed to the doorjams on all sides.

me in my painting studio by the always talented and beautiful claire, of my favorite favorite foto duo, day19.

no time for blogging cause i've been busy with:

lala+big sur+ventura expedition'09 pics coming sooooon!

Monday, September 14, 2009

i'm way behind on sleep.

totally exhausted from a busybusy weekend.
but here's a shot (by jacqueline dimilia or david black) of me in the baja jumper -i'm coveting..from last night's samantha pleet show...
(hair+make up teams are awesome.)

Friday, September 11, 2009

then a gust of wind slammed the door.

vintage liz claiborne shades (red white+blue thrift/jersey). vintage madras top (thrift). loden green big whale cords (h+m). hermes croc birkin (istanbul bazaar). black ribbon up suede keds (thrift somewheres)
aa tank. horn necklace (the garment room).high waisted cords (h+m), birkin (instanbul bazaar). alpargatas (la manuel alpargatera).
feather (gift from downstairs neighbor). turquoise cuff (santa fe flea market). door knockers (street vendor). wood wood jumpsuit + chloe for opening ceremony buckle booties (creatures of comfort)
aa tank. shell necklace (mali by way of anguilla). moto (a.p.c.).rag+bone skirt (zoe). chloe for o.c. booties (creatures of comfort)
rodarte knock off sweater (h+m). bike shorts romper (jersey salvation army). alpargatas (la manuel alpargatera)
vintage french boater tunic (hand-me-down from dad). favorite flannel (bequeathed at circa now/thanks steve!!). moto (a.p.c.). navy skinnies (h+m). minnetonka booties (i-40 trading post)
stripeE sweater (swap score from m'lady white lightning). vintage red t (gift from noah). yellow skinnies (h+m). hunter wellies (gift from mom)
vintage tank (santa fe thrift). leather vest with rainbow shoulder straps (star struck vintage in the w.village). navy skinnies (h+m). leather lace ups (bcn alpargatera)
barbara hulaniki for topshop bodysuit (topshop). imitation of christ high waisters (barney's coop). converse (devargas mall/santa fe). armband (aunt sissy hand-me-down).
ray bans (duty free). aa t. beaded necklace (circa sidewalk gift from janelle). vintage arthur ashe tennis shorts (thrift). alpargatas (espana)
fuschia shades (st marks). lace t (church sale). zero by maria cornejo backless vest (c of c). black high waisters (h+m). white oxfords (jersey thrift). the instant tote
hot stuff t (family heirloom--mom's basement). samma necklace (sample sale). navy skinnies (h+m). alpargatas (bcn alpargatera).

+we keep running in heels.