Thursday, February 11, 2010

y'all ready for THIS?!!

hasta manana for THIS epic show??!!! (followed by a serious afterparty jam.)
check THIS blog for updates.
+then it's back to brooklyn for me.

tuesday night heights..

the epic thunderstorm knocked out our i haven't been able to update the LA the meantime-here's a chinatown teaser

we used to read word up magazine.

check it out!!!
no biggE..just a little write up in Time Out New York's most stylish new yorkers issue.
i was lucky enough to be included along with two lovely friends well as a few buddies of buddies (chuck, ryan, jeralyn) and the on-repeat players: kid cudi+sir victor of das racist.
(in LA so i haven't seen the hardcopy but look for it on stands now.)