Friday, October 31, 2008

best costume of the day

courtesy of little edie...who i was reminded of by the tiny+talented ms.tavi...not sure if i'm going to dress up+go out tonight. i'm usually jazzed on the day of dress up..but with the major rager bday bash of 2 weeks back (+3 costume changes throughout the evening--kinda feel like i shot my wad).
but i guess i could throw together an edie or a janis, if the mood passes..hard to say at this point.

red white + billyburg steez

Thursday, October 30, 2008


apparently it's that time of year again when sir andrew is one year older. .and gals wear these kinds accoutrement (last year it was me this year it was mademoiselle KAC--who has a patterntastic/magic styling spread in the new issue of surface--check it!)...also more shots in the evening at RP.

.we ARE experienced: the bows came home with us.

dietch projects was a full on foto+fashion+blogger reunion with flips up front. elizabeth ran off into the night before i could snap her genius royal blue bag (as partially seen in danielle's skirt shot). you should check out ms. levitt's book, we are experienced, it's pretty fantastic. upon our exit, turner had a chance to chat up the cheer coordinator to see about using the hair bows (my personal all night obsession) in a foto shoot..and the mama who made them (+two of the cheerleaders) were nice enough to give us each one..we wrapped up the night with a chile + chicas meal at turners abode: the ladies of turnstyle+righteous plaisant were the most delightful of company.
p.s. the 2nd+2nd to last foto are courtesy of my houseguest/bestE/fotobuddy ms. charlie.

NY cheer at dietch projects

sorry for the quick on the shutter tendency..i'm too much of a still fotographer, and often quit filming-just too quick by like 5 seconds...anyhow, here's a taste of what you missed last night at danielle levitt's book launch and opening last night. still fotos to follow.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

studio sorted

after the madness of moving, the polaroid show, the weddings + constant travel of august+september--i have finally set up the studio to function as it was intended. i spent nearly 2 weeks sorting thorough all the collections of mixed media nonsense(..treasures or trash-depending on who you ask..) by color. i've gotten through 15 boxes and have only 3 left. the hope is to finish these paintings that you see here within the next week. they were started between 2004 and 2005--so it's really time for them to be done! the top 2 pics are the first painting of this series, i found that canvas in chelsea in the spring of '04--and after 15 hours of work on friday-it's really almost finally fucking finished. a new project is burgeoning, leaving the all encompassing flower power series behind. i'm sure i won't be able to let go of them entirely-as i have a whole box full of fleurs waiting for some kind of application. i will be uploading more painting bits more frequently (it's come to my attention that some of my blog readers didn't even know i was a painter).so stay tuned.

last bday party

rage hard tiny toes

i can't imagine having my own child. i am so in love with this little guy and he's just my nephew. something about seeing your nose+toes replicated on a tiny person is really quite amazing.