Thursday, March 25, 2010

there is a lot of navigating to be done and maps don't seem to help.


1. tiznit
2. fes
3. fes
4. fes
5. fes
6. marrakesh
7. marrakesh
8. fes
9. fes

you will witness many scavengers throughout the medina*

some adorable+
+some truly trashy..

*morocco has cats/chats/gatos galore!!

they seem to have good rapport with the local business owners+thus spend their days snacking on fresh food or trash.

made me think of greece ..i recall back in '98 witnessing a dogs life on santorini...

well, doesn't it go without saying that i can't very well read in the dark.

as it turns out, couscous goes straight to the caboose.

ok, to be might not JUST have been the couscous but also the camel burger, the chuletón, the 15 dish salads, the 4 course breakfasts with endless croissants, and seconds at (almost) every meal...

the weight gain was a-okay in morocco, as we were clothed in appropriate long+loose islamic-country attire, but i reckon it's about time for some gastronomic we're verging into shorts season.

he kept it hidden until i pressed play on the recorder.

i know i'm supposed to be a grown up by now but c'mon, giant donkey weiner's are hilarious...especially when you're just aiming to take a nice documentary photo+unexpectedly-woosh-there they grow...

click to enlarge!
(sorry i can't help myself from these bad jokes..i'm claiming jet lag:)