Tuesday, July 1, 2008

iheartpolaroid.com is almost finished!!

1.santa fe, new mexico. 2007

2.denver, colorado. 2004

3.london, u.k. 2006

4.venice beach, california. 2008

5.barcelona, spain. 2003

6.kiki and jelly, new mexico. 2007

7.bath, maine. 2007

8.coney island, new york. 2007

see here to check it out.
thank you jenny!!!

destined to be together

i experienced some fashion serendipity on the metro north train to new haven on sunday morning. i boarded the train at grand central + sat alone for one stop, until 125th street. where an older asian woman came down the aisle and put her, the bag down facing my le bag. she was awesome, we shared a moment and a headrest.

creatures of comfort at comfortable prices