Tuesday, January 29, 2008

bright side

OAKNYC opens

friday:february 1
28 bond st

powerhouse books selects

photo show up at powerhouse in dumbo. featuring work from: boogie, bill burke, julia calfee, mark cohen, john caplans, christopher griffith, william klien, danny lyon, charles peterson and phil stern.

big stars for our dear noah!

i knew you had that star quality, ever since back in the desert.
mama's proud.


just barely made the deadline.

with a fever and a one sentence statement..
la de da la de da da.

a visit from james

website scriptwork

old school sexyback: one week, no shower.

used to do this for kicks back in high school.
now only when working on deadline transition into ill as a dog.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

had to admit myself into the hospital today

my brother came over, he read the back of the tylenol bottle-where it states, if the fever continues for longer than 3 days, one should see a professional..[my temperature had gotten up to 104 twice in the last 2 days, and this all started tuesday night].anyhow, given that it was a saturday, our only choice was to walk..or baby-cripple step for me up to st vincents on 7th and 13th..
after waiting for 2 hours, they let me in but didn't let xabi in. so solo i went.
there i was in the midst of a whole bunch of sickies. and we're all just laying in our respective gurneys in one big long room staring at the folks across the room. watching the emt's bringing in guys with chest pain, a lady and a guy who looked already pale and dead, and a gal who'd suffered a seizure-to name a few.
add to said excitement was the symphony of beeps from ekg's and other metering devices along with the crazy-ers yelling for assorted demands-sandwiches, nurses, doctors, urinals..really ran the gamut.
had 3 iv's..pics to come manana.
[p.s. i definitely saw some dudes creepy ass by mistake]

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

R.i.P. heath leger

at age 28, my age. only one year more than janis or jimi.
he was discovered, facedown and naked by his cleaning lady and masseuse this afternoon at 3:35pm, after he did not answer his bedroom door.. they say sleeping pills were found, in the vicinity of/strew on, the bed in his broome st. apartment. thus it is suspected that he died from an overdose.. [apparently he had pneumonia and on top of that he had had trouble sleeping since playing the joker in the highly anticipated new batman movie.]

he is survived by his ex-lady michelle williams and his cute baby matilda, 2yrs.

truely tragic. he was one of the only actors, in our generation who, i had so looked forward to watching grow, mature, and develop. like johnny depp, jack nicholson or ed norton. just saying, this sucks. he was really talented and had a promising future...
i guess i will finally get around to watching brokeback mountain.

the mtv report and a nice interview: http://www.mtv.com/movies/news/articles/1580051/20080122/story.jhtml

Monday, January 21, 2008

mini louise was obsessed with this

backstory-when i applied for my b.f.a. thesis in college. they asked us to think of early visual inspiration. my father's scrapbooks, and this sesame street movie, 'how crayons are made', that came to mind.
[perhaps, my favorite pop art film..just the right length for my youtube attention span now, and my a.d.d. kiddo attention span, then.]


[searching for] mi globo

el globo rojo/le ballon rouge/the red balloon

the rest of the film can be viewed @www.youtube.com/profile?user=bloodydoisneau

american faith

nebraska and los angeles

Sunday, January 20, 2008

im·pres·sion (m-prshn)
1. An effect, feeling, or image retained as a consequence of experience.
2. A vague notion, remembrance, or belief: I have the impression that we have met once before.
3. A mark produced on a surface by pressure.
4. The act or process of impressing.
5. Printing
a. All the copies of a publication printed at one time from the same set of type.
b. A single copy of such a printing.
6. A humorous imitation of the voice and mannerisms of a famous person done by an entertainer.
7. An initial or single coat of color or paint.

kylie and joel are moving to vancouver

leaving sunday in their newly purchased r.v..
goodbye party: friday night at R bar

w-burg spills

foto shoot filled weekend

thank you for the lighting lending.

we got stuck at the lorimer stop for a half hour

and this guy was trying to make friends

boxed wine

yoko ono and this puertorican guy agree.

a fresh coat of paint and a m. stewart worthy meal

andrew and cedez went all out-
[more acurately, pretty regular for them gourmand-types]

serving: brined+roasted chicken wrapped in bacon. parsnip maple fries. watercress salad with pear and parm. and bake to make french bread.
toasted with a chilean savignon blanc

my first gallery

chez cedez and andrew
225 bushwick ave.

saturday night lights

bushwick steez

spotted: sexy 70's coed

mercedez rex singleton: bedford L stop

filipE meets a balloon

and that balloon didn't stand a chance.
1.ian's room
2.joel and kylie's room
3.mercedez's new chandelier project