Monday, December 8, 2008

ebay outfit of the week



1.moschino top..which i might HAVE to buy for myself for christmas..doesn't it make too much sense!?
2.slouchy rick owens leggings..would be oh so nice (they have quilted knees!)..
3.canary yellow chloe's...i COVET thee soooooooo bad...anybody got some sugar?

addendum: elizabeth just gave me the yoox site where the chloe's are 1/2 what they are on ebay..blerrrrrrg....i might.

share your love with me..mcdonald's brings it home.

i think everyone who knows me well will understand this hilarity...+how this really brings me a lot of joy + complicit feelings.

gossip girl recap

missing out on the crew night for once..but i'll be with you in spirit.