Sunday, May 9, 2010

for you i am always grateful.

i am going to take this opportunity to say thank you to my mum.
thank you for life.
for birding.
for taking me to the MET at such an early age.
for sharing.
for laughter.
for your principles.
for your patience.
for your intellect.
for opening doors i would have never seen.
for growing with me.
for your beauty.
for being fair.
for teaching me about the environment (a green mom about 30 years before the term was invented)
for walks in the woods and jack in the pulpits.
for associating me with flowers.
for your support.
for being fun to shop with.
for matching YSL's garden.
for teaching me the importance and value of solitude and quiet time.
for being such a good writer;)
for goofing around.
for that camel burger that was beyond delicious.
for love.
for coming with me on my smoke breaks.
for being such a great listener.
for teaching me to chew with my mouth closed.
for your unending generosity.
for those poached eggs last weekend...they taste so much better when you make them.for being the best travel buddy-our jaunts through new mexico, india, madrid, morocco, anguilla, bequia, and all the other far reaching destinations we've visited are memories i will hold dear for always.
NAMASTE, MUMSA.. i look forward to our many adventures to come!!!
p.s. thank you again for my favorite ice skating gear...+ for letting me borrow your grandmothers mink....
you are the best and i love you to bits!!!

the flash was too bright and i lost your eyes.

the dossier launch party (fete-ing miss turner's cover/splendid collaboration with cass bird+daria) was another fun night at the national arts club...[speaking of, i'm getting glad that i've been there twice in as many months-hopefully this is a trend that will keep up.]
since i've been neglecting this whole photo blogger about town thing lately, i thought i'd take a couple scenester photos for you...
of the blindingly white kate Lanphear + friend (both very sweet+silly i might add)..and oliver zahm (who was running around foto-ing every little detail in the joint with his hot babe of the eve) with my buddies angela and leonard...but the top highlight had to be my run-in with a high school best babe-pearl lee! our circles overlap in a serious fashion but we haven't been lucky enugh to glimpse each other for years...a good night.

in the heart of a gold spangled mistress, we got drunk.

monica canilao's epic opening night..too many people to photograph well (+also my camera was acting drunk+wouldn't focus most of the time:(...followed by some fun (+yum) times at roebling tea room.