Thursday, July 31, 2008

jazzed on jen gotch

i am happy to have discovered this lovely and terribly talented lass on the interweb, while searching for new polaroid artists for the show. she has a blog called my polaroid blog and a darling website you can see here. i recommend you have a look.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

the instant opening featured on PAPER magazine!!

see here for the full write up!!
grande besos to KC + ADF for your resplendent reportage.

pretty please

send me pictures from the instant!!!
my camera disappeared into the ether, of an suv car service interior, at the tail end of the night.
i'm devastated and in need of further jpeg proof.
thank you.

with love

ms. katie took this and dropped it on my desktop yesterday.
i'm super into it.

get thee to god

in god we trust sample sale: preview on friday

Monday, July 28, 2008

a slice of the instant awesome

these are the beginning of many more to come. thank you to everyone who contributed work, besos, time travel and support to me and katharine!!. the instant opening at the texas firehouse will go down in my own personal catalog, as one of the best, most notable nights of my life.
grande besos.

thank you ADF for your grid and your art!

Saturday, July 26, 2008


THE INSTANT opens at the firehouse!!!!!
we've been working on it since january and it looks fucking righteous.
tote bags are $10 and super awesome (help us pay for this show and the next one!!) and we picked up our show catalogs yesterday--have a look and see if you want to special order one..
$3-$5 donation for all night drinks..come look at sweet art and have some rooftop fun.
opening is from 7-9pm..the rest of the night will be music, drinking and further polaroid appreciation.
see you there.

p.s. i highly recommend sharing a car..the train trip involves walking over a bridge.
p.p.s. see for directions and address

Friday, July 25, 2008

BBlessing sale

and also an installation, "the quarantine of the ostentatious".
curated and designed by daniel jackson

i can't wait!

it's really happening!!
topshop in manhattan...wishes are being granted

my trips to london might be a little more spread out now, this european addiction has crossed the atlantic.
(but i'll see you 2 gals in spain soon!)

get me your besos today, if you want into the instant!

seriously, we want more.

hanging/curating day

super-thin glitter eagle harley t inherited from ian and bobbie back in '02 (cut up from those-everything off the shoulder-college days-{drats}), ex bf's vintage levi's cords, espadrilles from provence, $2 (4.5 inch) chandelier earrings from 42nd st. vendor.

we curated the show tonight!! all we have left is hanging and tons of other things..but get jazzed, it's gonna be silly rad!

some sturges press

see heartloop for a brief + nice observation, on my fot-o-bservations.
thank you amanda!

homeslice promo

polaroid framing evolution

gracias guapo, for all your editing expertise!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


for the debut of my mended romper, i had every intention of wearing the colin stuart platforms. but soon realized that a day of city traipsing and heavy lifting would make me grouchy by the end of the in the end i substituted them for the f troupe's and some red lips..

taped up team awesome.

my patients, xabi and joshua

back to the hospital

for sir wiles..
seriously folks. please ride safely. as, i am uninterested in any further midnight (tuesday night) calls, informing me of bloody loves. this time it was a little less scary, as there was no head trauma. but there was, instead, a gaping gash of boo-nasty, skin flap and all.
i will say godbless to julia, the kind (greenpoint based) doctor at st. vincent's who sewed 14 stitches in josh's arm. all and all, it was a much less treacherous ER expedition, full of joshin' around and pretty hilarious antics. we were definitely the most high spirited folks in the overstuffed emergency ward. i think we may have cheered a couple of lonesome souls up..and some lady (who wiles thought looked like skeletor) thought we looked like people in a sitcom.
xL is on my top priority list right now, so take heed and look both ways... the by, (if you live in wburg/bushwick) i hugely recommend taking a car into the city and bypassing woodhull, if you can..the service is like 1 million times better...i'm a little freaked out that i know the difference, but c'est la vie..


what you are doing on saturday night!!

pass it on!