Sunday, March 30, 2008

tonight: lisa kereszi, "fantasies", book party. hosted by zingmag

paris is burning at the chelsea hotel

bff by bf

green lass

ms. nancy

sexy cedez

twin towers bomb

this image always surprises me. and especially that it hasn't been altered post 9/11.

"gangbusters" opens at plane space

liked as many pieces here as i did at the biennial. just saying, nice curating bryson.

double stuff

parvin's pregnant!!!!
i'm gonna be an auntie!!!!

i've never seen a double down fortune. but then again, i've never had a pregnant sister in law either. i found it delightfully appropos.

shun lee west

lots of duck.
amazing carrot and jicama installations.

cultural day cont'd

went to moma for a screening of mama's man, a new film by azazel jacobs, produced by our old buddy hunter grey and co. at artists domain.
i genuinely recommend a viewing of this dark comedy. and seeing as it just got a distribution deal from think films, you'll be able.

hip hop tour?


balloon beret

lexington and 70th

RAUSCHENBERG was the highlight of the whole expedition

after going thru all four floors of the whitney biennial, we arrived at the top.
only to be rewarded with the best piece i'd seen all day.
and i was blown away at how happy he makes me [in an almost heart pounding way].
every damn time.
i was also reminded of my new affinity for mr.josef albers.

i guess i am more into the old guns than the new guns...
[and happily will continue to align as such.]

super jazzed on mathew brannon

biennial २००८ remix

overall i probably only really liked about 10 pieces in the show.
the giant litter box was a fave. the balloon installation was pretty wicked--though i couldn't get a shot of the best totem piece, due to the over zealous anti-foto guard watching me like a hawk.
[in general this post would be a lot more fulled up, but for the fact that i had to hide the camera and my intentions the whole time.]