Thursday, February 28, 2008

city as 70's den

the shuttle from times square to grand central is papered in faux.
check it out.

paris picks#1

fashion week en paris is off to a wild start
[more on that later].
these are a glimpse of my initial and i dare say, wearable, covetables for fall........

vivienne westwood makes me want to cause trouble on a picnic with her sling shot necklace and sunday day dress...and then simply toss on the gold number and some kohl for a studio54 kind of woopla of dancing and schmancing...wake up the next morning for a balls out brunch of gossip and gall.

yojhi yamamoto makes shy cool like aly sheedy and bloomers to boot.

junya wantanabe's flowers are my top picks for this supposed new 'trend' in florals.. fuck this springy shit that are all up en vogue right now. let's get all moody-drapey-polish scarf about it and stop all the trippin'.

maison margiela was spot on with the snakeskin accessories, and slaphappy symmetry..not sure i'd ever leave the house in tights but if i did, this would be how.

and while i really don't like the top half styling, the comme de garcons skirt is an army navy delite.


it's freeeeeezing outside, so gimme one of these

maison margiela
paris f/w'08

have i ever told you how i love vivienne westwood??

--just look at her and then at that delightful neckline.
fotos from

i'll post my faves from her show and some other paris peeps shortly..

.tune in.

[baggy] bullet's found on 87th st.

dynamics and an ode to

thank you for having me reed and jenny.

what i look at. in therapy

best wishes duane

straight up

richard prince for louise vuitton

i have to say, i like the paintings waaay better than the bags..

1 e.57th st.

martine fougeron opens at peter hay halpert tonight

‘Tête-à-Tête’ Series I-IV.
6 to 8 p.m.
511 w. 25th st

[one of my international center of photography classmates]