Wednesday, June 23, 2010

take your top off and dive in.

jazzy jill at fort tilden.
memorial day.

+speaking of

the lovely ladies of open ocean are playing a show tonight at secret project robot...

so, you should like totally come!!!!

especially since it's gonna be my last brooklyn night out for awhile! cedez, xabi+i are taking the tarlow family volvo up to mass this weekend for our gal kaia's wedding, then monday they're dropping me in boston to go lady turner and i are headed out to stay at the chateau to work on a little somethingsomething--will fill you in when i am contractually allowed to divulge..i've got a one way ticket so after a week of hard work..we'll move onto couch surfing to arrange for a different kind of work- on the beach, in the canyons, shooting and generally jamming out. (i.e. no 4th of july party this year)..then after a quick bop back to bk to pick up mi senor+to squeeze the shariceE-we're going downeast for some time in maine...

i tell you all of this to guilt trip you into having drinks with me tonight+because my blogging may be spotty for a bit, so please bear with me.


p.s.if you can't tell, this summer is off to a fucking phenomenal start.