Friday, July 25, 2008

BBlessing sale

and also an installation, "the quarantine of the ostentatious".
curated and designed by daniel jackson

i can't wait!

it's really happening!!
topshop in manhattan...wishes are being granted

my trips to london might be a little more spread out now, this european addiction has crossed the atlantic.
(but i'll see you 2 gals in spain soon!)

get me your besos today, if you want into the instant!

seriously, we want more.

hanging/curating day

super-thin glitter eagle harley t inherited from ian and bobbie back in '02 (cut up from those-everything off the shoulder-college days-{drats}), ex bf's vintage levi's cords, espadrilles from provence, $2 (4.5 inch) chandelier earrings from 42nd st. vendor.

we curated the show tonight!! all we have left is hanging and tons of other things..but get jazzed, it's gonna be silly rad!

some sturges press

see heartloop for a brief + nice observation, on my fot-o-bservations.
thank you amanda!

homeslice promo

polaroid framing evolution

gracias guapo, for all your editing expertise!