Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Hypnoziss! Zoo, zoo, zoo coome iinn!Fashion at a kiosk? - KIOSK - clothing can be as everyday and essential as a vegetable peeler, think general store and think about what you need... Slow and Steady Wins the Race is a clothing label presented as a quarterly clothing diary: past editions: sunglasses, shoes, sweats, pockets, etc (you need it). Beginning at 7pm on February 13th for one week, Slow and Steady Wins the Race presents 'Birthday' for its 21st collection - piñatas, birthday cakes and even some bubbly, very fun and very brilliant. Fashion has never been our thing but the process of making has always been our interest. We are excited to check it out and hope you will too. Opening party February 13th between 7-9pm at KIOSK, 95 Spring Street, 2nd floor. The show will be on view through February 20th. Hope you can make it!

sturges spring cleaning sample sale

dear besosyfotos readers,
i am thinking to host a byob sample sale/grab bag party..i have toooo much shit+am wasting prime real estate (hellloo nyc) on a slew of clothes that i do not wear, fit in, want...i know that fashion week starts pronto so i'm thinking the week after next might be the best..if i didn't email you already-i either am a space cadet or i don't have your email..
there is an option to bring clothes you want to get rid of..and when we're good and done, i'll call a charity to come pick up the detrius.
leave me a comment if you want to be privy to the date (or stay tuned here-i'll probably post a little somethin).
word up. lemon out.

a brain for it trying to heal.

tdk tuesday.

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