Tuesday, October 21, 2008

¡feliz cumpleaños!

papabubble had it's one year anniversary last night. stop in and have a taste, if you haven't already. all the lolligirls+the owners are as good looking as the candy itself.
also i met ricky of dee and ricky and was pleased as punch with his great lego heart pins.

pizza pies+presents

thank you loves for my wonderful presents: "glamour hippy" gear from heather, polaroid red balloons from rachel, vintage placecards+streamers from jacqueline, sweet chain from kat, hacky sack+scarf from mariana, decals+groovy plant from cedez, giant canvases from mi senor, cheek-ie coin necklace from angela, a reduction glass from andrew, turner gifted me an amazing bff ring from ten thousand things, + claire made me the most lovely ysl style skirt with a glittery waist band, which i can't wait to wear!..i love them all but not as much as i love y'all.
also, if you haven't gone to roberta's yet, you really should..aside from an adorable waitstaff (of which we knew 2 out of 3), the food is amazing, they can seat big parties at the last minute, and it turns out we are friends with one of the investors...
also, i want to mention the reasons that 2 of my dear friends couldn't make the dinner. one was interviewing sarah jessica parker, and one was taking part in an intervention...seems like we are growing up, indeed.


my nephew is the best present of all

the folks came over to wburg for brunch at roebling tea room and then back to mine..lucas and i had some righteous cuddle time. i am in love.