Wednesday, April 21, 2010

¡Olé! is a great way to spend a saturday.

our first themed potluck was a smash success..full of flowery hair+flamenco inspired flair. though yet again (really becoming a habit-oops), i was having too much fun (+cava sangria) to document the evening..but we sure had a blast.

everyone brought something absolutely delicious to eat-handmade chorizo by ben, quail egg chorizo bites by sam+patrick, fried balls of delight by cedez, meat cakes by katie, ceviche by adam+claire, chocolate bites by angela, ice cream sandwiches by elizabeth, serrano wrapped asparagus+vegan dip by turner, citrus rice by george+dana, a chickpea pleasantry by chris+rachel, and mi senor whipped up a few delectable tapas including homemade tortilla, pinxto atun, croquetas y pan tumaca..while i love eating food, i am certainly not known for my kitchen, instead of whipping up a tapa, i focused all my energy into fashioning a cava sangria. (which i'd say was received very well+is certain to be on many menus to come!)

muchas gracias are undeniably the best.

we've been talking about having lunch for so long, we finally got dinner.

+a splendid dinner at that.
j money+i polished off a bottle of rose (the first of the season:) +ate the most divine steak at el almacen.. (where i'd never been but am certainly going back!) then made the rounds on the south side with a stop at the woods followed by a night cap at diner (word to the wise-don't attempt to keep up with marissa+wiley with the fernet branca-you will feel a bit like dying the next day.)