Thursday, November 5, 2009

overcome with keen.

21. is a sampling of what i'm looking at these days as inspiration for game on, studio time.

1. i don't know where this picture came from but it sure makes me glad.
2-4. lina cheynius makes me wish i was swedish...i'm gonna do another post with more of her work soon.
5-9. monica canilao is beyondbeyond. words can't even describe how much her work inspires me to be better at what i do...+on top of her mad skills, she's a badass-look at her with that headress-so good-i feel like her life is just full of dreamcatchers+quilting+fur pelts...oh, the california life i never led. (will post more of her epic-ness soooon!)
10. the golden mean..cedez+i were gonna get this tatoo-ed for our 30th but we got too tired, one day..
11. jackie young is one of ADF's talented texas-based buddies, who i had the pleasure of meeting at marlow this summer.
12. here
13. lotte scott's flickr (found through audrey hepburn complex's photo inspiration blog-which i found thru lisa butterworth's blog)
14. now, i may be partial to this due to the subject (mi senor)+the shooter (the tiny+talented jacqueline dimilia).. i love him+her but regardless she captured the big sur river moment oh so perfectly.
15. one of my favorite photographers from our instant show, the always dapper+delightful grant worth shot this polaroid on his recent (swine flu masks included) trip to china.
16. everyone's favorite suburban chicago sweetie, miss tavi, took this woodsy gnome self portrait--i have yet to get her permission as is clearly stated but i'm hoping she won't be mad..(hiiii tavi! so good to finally meet you while you were here..)
17. found thru aforementioned photo inspiration blog but actually from a=m's flickr.
18. we were blessed with a beautiful day for a road trip up the coast of by the one+only xabier tudela.
19-20. like monica, sarah moli newton applebaum's work is reminding me to get a working sewing machine PRONTO..i've got so much quilting to do..
21. oh, nothing-just some a-door-bell sketches by my friend samantha pleet for our friends at dossier magazine.
22. +lastly, i end with a duh. who can get enough of vintage kate+johnny..sourced from rebecca minkoff's blog.

yowza, those links sure took awhile (+for some reason they're all annoyingly underlined but i can't seem to change it)....anyhoo, i hope you enjoy these visual delights as much as i do..
buenas noches

a pause in the social sabbatical to commence forthwith.

i may have to miss the tracey emin opening as i'm not sure i can do a williamsburg opening+a chelsea opening with all the work i have left to do in the studio...which by the way is really coming along. as some of you may know i'm trying to have a social hiatus to get all these projects in order-as i've had too much fun for the past few months+now it's really beyond time to get #$*& done! (though i have to say, it's really really difficult stay in-as my fun friends are always doing fun things+it's a bummer to miss them-but what can you do...there's always a next time, right?)

anyhoo, as per studio projects...i'm in the midst of reinstalling the collection/consumption project+i'll share fotos of it soon-it's really getting genuinely epic. the sketchbook project has been occupying a good portion of my time-it's been a great re-entry into my old sketchbooking practice (which i ostensibly gave up on when i started this blog+for which, i've got big plans for revisiting in the nearest of futures)..i will scan a couple of pages soon to share...while that's happening in the painting studio, i'm climbing up to the photo studio to scan all the good polaroids+mamiya pics from this summer...+i'm just starting to work out the layout for a (LONG OVERDUE) new website! for which i am getting majorly jazzed-i've got some dreamy pictures+fun ideas that should (hopefully hoping) be up by the new year. [jenny if you're reading this-we're gonna skype soon!]
so, yep-lets of projects-lots of collaging+long hours of sorting (i'm such a packrat it's creepy--but being a photographer, a clotheshorse, a mixed media painter+a majorly sentimental gal, it's nearly impossible not to be!)+major hand+knee cramping=some serious satification over hurrr ...

point being, i'm falling off the social wagon tonight+i'll be at capricious for the nefer/nfr opening-followed by a jaunt over to say hi to the butcher boys brent+tom mylan+ben (formerly of marlow+daughters) over at meat hook, the new brooklyn kitchen venture..

hasta lluego amigos.