Tuesday, June 2, 2009

p.s. check it out!!

tangled up in blue got a very lovely review on dossier!!!
-have to say, i've never met mr. jared killeen but he seems like a real nice fellow.

*a perfect time for vacation!

catch you on the flip.

it's 8:51am, i haven't slept. i'm hoping to trick my body into sin jetlag territory.
(flying out at 6:45pm, arriving at 8am...with xabi+sari in bcn already.)

woop de woop..si, si!
y si senor, mi amor..2 months later, it's finally time!

ciao for now.

p.s. my camera was returned from the fix it shop via u.p.s. yesterday afternoon, so i'm back in bidness with the fotos part of the equation.

look at that face.

i feel guilty.

barcelona in less than 24 hours!!!

foto by senor AdF

yale m.f.a. remix

babes of blogtown uptown romp

see the enthusiast+lady white lightning for a fuller report.
in one word:BEST.

(i have a couple of amazing polaroids from our stupendous adventure but you'll have to wait-as i'm leaving to spain in mere hours.)

danke darling.

yowza, she's not just a beauty, she makes the best pasta primevera i've ever had in my life.

+omg, that's me by heather on andy warhols old couch in'03.

bushwick modern

happy trails are made of this.

thursday on 54th st.

sunday on south 5th st.

memorial day

notes from brooklyn

uncannily akin

procrastinating packing post:

pastis lunch with mumsa: beater T from high school/kate moss for topshop jeans/samma necklace/see by chloe platforms
vintage maxi from elizabeth-swap/capezio ballet flats/alexander wang cardi/textile tote from santa fe flea market
candy bagging day:spanish flea crop top from fiona from rachel/american apparel skirt/cons from college
heathers birthday at daddy's:blouse from lady lightning's sample sale/imitation of christ high waisters/alpargatas from madrid-gift from xabi
babes of blogtown epic uptown adventure: max azaria top, rag+bone chiffon skirt/drugstore hose/alaia platforms/vintage lady di necklace from chelsea flea market(RIP)
collective crystals opening:a.p.c. moto/american apparel tank/vintage victorian petticoat from love saves the day in new hope
errands+landscaping:american apparel dolman T/vintage guess jean shorts/a.p.c. gladiators
tangled up in blue opening:vintage boys button down/grey ant high-waisters/marni pebble platforms/6th ave? door knocker earrings/love jangles from loves
eyelash extentions+art pick up+install day: vintage landlubber jumpsuit/frye boots/a.p.c. moto/aztec earrings
80's flashback-gossip girl screening at the tribeca grand:american apparel dolman T/moto/tripp nyc zebra jeans/acne corset wedges/vintage necklace found uptown/downtown doorknockers
sunday stuff: vintage dress/vintage belt/acne wedges
minnetonka booties from a trading post on i40/h+m tights/vintage dress from elizabeth-swap/moto +
radical wooden earrings with handpainted aztec designs-fuck yea jersey thrifting! you can take the gal out of the west but you can't stop her from finding the west on the east.
savalas+san loco: old altered T from college-newly altered with shredding/lux jeans/vintage shoes
moto (boring but true-i don't ever take it off)/vintage huey lewis tank/547 striped skinnies/vintage shoes/portobello rd scarf/vintage crocheted bag
vintage bud light tank-soho street/moto/samma/red vintage ankle cowboy boot/vintage 684 levi's (i now have the 31,32+34..+like goldilocks-i actually need the 33 for the not to tight, not too loose-so let me know if you see them anywhere!)
drinks at diner+kyle's bday bbQ+jeanann's bday:altered+shredded T/vintage betsey johnson kelly kapowski dress (the kind which the birthday girl was also in:)/acne wedges