Tuesday, March 18, 2008

asstastic amor

nicole and i became friends thru her amazing [mostly vintage] shop circa now. now i sell her clothes, which go on to get published in timeout london or worn by rachel bilson.
like many busy gals we always say we want to play and never do..so, a happen upon at motor city was a divine delight! they were celebrating a night on the town.. known as 'steak and a blow job', which marks one month after valentines day, a gift for the fellas. personally, i've not heard of it but i say it makes her a super fantastic girlfriend, a keeper. he agrees, as he recently proposed on the beach in mexico!! congrats loves.
p.s.apparently both her fiance and i are both obsessed with the lovely nicole's badass bottom.

the pleasure of props

gal pals and dudical bros


jaeger maestro-ed

i blame it on gabe..
the something that always seems like a good idea until the next day.

snouted south african

his illustrations and demeanor were a hoot. he hustled me for $5. but i did get a copy of his book 'sausagehead' to take home, so fair's fair.

gogo gal

a travelling crown, on the party train

we crossed the street to take a picture of this hearty fella in a crown. he decided it was time for me to have it. we walked by gabe who was smoking outside of motor city where it became a prop of sorts. then this gals buddies asked for pictures in it. they gave it back but asked for it again about an hour later. i decided we'd had enough fotos and that she deserved the crowning glory.
she's from jersey. i'm from jersey. the crown now resides there.

birthday kickoff

le charbon: 170 orchard

working gal

i'd been sleeping, she'd been screen staring.

power of the pantalones

trenton thrift treasure.

pop pleasure por plaisant

telltale trash

shaun o'dell:new fave

his dealings with mythology rock my socks off..so much i even asked how much they sell for. not cheap enough to buy, but almost. but not quite.