Monday, October 20, 2008


clean up crew

thank you for all your help. without the 7 person crew, this would've taken all week to shape up.

back to bitch school birthday bash

thank you, gracias, merci, danke..and on and all of you who came to celebrate our libra love!!! the back to bitch school bash was really out of control! i especially want to thank those of you who dressed up to the nines; we saw some really spot on interpretations of classic characters from heathers, saved by the bell, fresh prince of bel air, my so called life, blossom, dazed and confused..and more. the djs were spinning, the floor was bumping (literally, at one point there was concern of collapse), toilets were overflowing (sorry chris), my gato was hiding, and all sorts of nonsense was going down in the photo booth (thanks nathan)...
one question, who the fuck sees a birthday cake at a birthday party and thinks i guess i'll just light these candles, blow them out and then eat the WHOLE fucking thing without thinking twice??? yes. this happened. + i just want to say the carbon footprint on those candles was substantial..mercedez's mom sent them all the way from denver..oh well. aside from that and the tagging in the elevator, and two broken doors, the 200 or so folks were very considerate..fotos of the cleanup are coming next.
more fotos can be seen at palazzo's flikr page and on bdonns blog..i will keep you posted about the photobooth pics--we're hoping to get them up by the end of the week somewhere..
+lastly, my apologies for not taking more pictures of more of you--i kept misplacing my camera+feel a bit like a douche for not shooting more of your brilliance but what can i say we were just L-I-V-I-N'.

my lady+our week