Monday, July 21, 2008

get well globo

thank you to alvin+anouska.

mercedez rex singleton's, "summer sublime"

we got our b.f.a.'s in foto together at the college of santa fe.. i like it when she shoots, her attention to color and detail is, indeed, sublime!
godspeed woman.

press for our polaroids!!

see NYLON and for full write ups.
(grande besos turner!)

ebay outfit of the week

1.1977 YES concert t's end wool low waist skirt
3.yea, yea..still want CHANEL lagerfeld bling
4.unworn zodiac booties (totally almost bought these to match my babysitters at payless in the early '90's.

woodhull habitat

turns out there's a taco bell express near my home!!

flushing and broadway y'all.

the only good thing about woodhull hospital

is the original keith haring murals from 1986.

"a home for alice" polaroid show opens soon in melbourne

see here for my contribution and more details on the project.

roll out

bushwick country club overstock.

francesca gave us besos

francesca made an amazing set of kissing booth pictures on the subway.
come see the collaboration installation of our besos wall on saturday night, on display as part ofthe instant, our polaroid show, at the texas firehouse!

(and we'll be taking submissions until the 24th, so smoochsmooch!!)

sending faxes

bedford ave. internet cafe

mariana knows me well

she left this on my myspace.

we got our fliers!!

see for further details.

that boy needs a smack in the face!

high school bff, hot to trot and a little pissed off.
with damn good reason.
miss you ladylove!