Wednesday, April 1, 2009

an audible dessert of most certain means.

i'm relishing this song, fangela, by here we go magic. i went to see them play a few months ago at zebulon+i was delighted through+through with their performance. the drummer, peter, is a dear friend of my bff j. wiles.. besides being exceptionally deft at creating brooklyns best manhattan, he is the drum master on one of the hits featured on my spring soundtack. the band is just back from sxsw with loads of buzz + are about to go on tour with grizzly bear. catch them before they bounce at the music hall of williamsburg, next tuesday.
see you there.
+sorry for the lame youtube video but apparently i don't know how to embed mp3's..bad blogger

we linked arms to the waterfront

just after finishing up a meeting with the lovely christophe (about a potential foto blogging gig at, my buddy joel (the albertan's main man) called me saying he needed band fotos by the end of the day for some promo.
i grabbed my polaroids (! my 680 is fixed!!!), some film packs+headed to their rehearsal space on n.6th.. we meandered over to the water to the newish park off n.7th and kent (the one with sweet manhattan in the background).
i shot one pack (10 fotos) +c'est tout! we were done, with 3 that they loved ready to go.

(not my best shadow shot, c'est la vie.)

dear readers, i want to sincerely apologize about the crap quality of the digi work as of late. my lumix is still broken+i can't find the warranty-but i remain hopeful, +thus not (yet) buying a new one..also, i have been taking tons of polaroids but gues what?..we have misplaced the power cord to our flatbed scanner+thus haven't been able to get them up on here.
however, i borrowed some from josh last night, so we're on the up.
quality control--coming soon.

they have a residency that starts next thursday at cameo gallery..more info here.