Tuesday, March 4, 2008

turner drop in

a bottle of wine and a banter.
we've been doing this back and forth, sitting right here, since back in 2004.
still working on our portfolios and still talking about ruling the world, having it all, and sussing them out.[there's just a lot more therapy chatter and vocab words then there used to be..] oh and our style has evolved. for the better.
p.s. check out turner's [newly updated] style-centric blog.

my tongue has issues

this guy is AMAZING, a genius. he loved my vintage native american head ring, that i got at antique mall in maine last summer..he had one in the 50's with a black motorcycle jacket, 'it was THE thing then, you know, cigarette dangling out of the mouth and james dean and all..'..'sounds familiar', i said.
then he drew a picture of my tongue, and he proceeded to explain all the issues, emotional and physical, that i have and currently experience. i knew i was a loud mouth sometimes, but not that my tongue could give away so much without cognition.
at $25 with my icp student discount, this is a real steal and the real deal.
my back has released a lot of tension with just one visit.
so all i can say is get thee to pacific college clinic and needle out.