Wednesday, December 2, 2009

windshield wipers slapping time, i was holding bobby's hand in mine, we sang every song that driver knew....

me+bobby mcgee used to be one of my all time favorite jams (circa '94-'95).. i had a picture on my high school bedroom wall for the duration+janis, today, remains one of my top style icons..very few gals have had the guts+the matching je ne sais quoi to pull off her furry-feathered-bejangled-pattern clash heavy look, of which i am so very fond.

anyway you shake the tambourine, janis was full on. she sang hard, she drank harder, and she cloaked herself as my bohemian dream....this post is an homage to her+an amalgam of what i think she'd get down with today..(+okay also it's the start of my christmas dream list:)

leopard fur evening bag-big enough for a flask, joints, ciggies, +a harmonica. (ebay)
this samma necklace would be great alone or with layers of other jangles. (gargyle)
hot to trot.this little 3.1 phillip lim dress is perfect for casually lounging, bobby mcgee kareoke, + yet would suit up perfectly for a holiday fiesta. (la garconne)

hippy kate is always gonna make me glad.
erica weiner's silver labyrinth necklace looks like something you could have picked up at woodstock but is fetching enough to go uptown.
baroness elsa is on my winter reading list. she was one of the most important ladies in the dada movement. (it's said that she may have gifted duchamp his fountain--changing the course of art history for evermore.) seems a gal i should get familiar with.

mystical bejeweled+enamel vintage snake ring...need i say more. (ebay)
hansel of basel rock socks...i think these would be great with a buckle bootie.

far out sunflare pic (annie hoogendoorn)when i grow up...i want to have this much turquiose in my life.
i think philip lim might have been looking at some haight ashbury imagery when he designed this last year. i'm not so keen on the little tie fronts but the silvery color+kinky fur is on point. (la garconne)

lady lightning's homestyle installation.
i've been on the hunt for a middle finger ring for my right hand for awhile now+this one is perfect! it's like the chanel one i used to think i wanted as an engagement ring. (ebay)
-ahh, the pirate boots. on the wishlist again...but i think janis would've gotten helluv pumped on some vivienne westwood.
i wish both my fur hats hadn't gotten rained on+ruined.
these edie earrings are what i've been searching for ages..(bona drag)
asymetrical armed sweater dress. yes please, yigal azrouel. (bird)
can't remember where i found this image but i enjoy it immensely.
surface to air booties... would disguise muddy toes+fair well with feathers. (gargyle)
everyone should have a panther ring. non? (ebay)
cute face+skirt capelet=a door bell
here's an option for not going bra-less..some of us, hippy or not, can't pull that off. (kiki de montparnasse)
i love the unexpected blue chain on these erica weiner necklaces.
also on the winter list is the alice echols bio on janis. apprarently it is a pretty well written document of her short but full on life.

this shearling rika tanya vest is far far out of range but it sure is lush. (la garconne)

some hypnotic happy socks to add a little flare to the doldrums of winter dressing. (gargyle)
vivienne westwood mary janes. comfortable+radical-two of my favorite words make these a necessity for one day, some day.
this might very well be my top pick for a fur vest-as it is reversible+longer than the others, which means more versatile+thus wearble. so fuck you opening ceremony, your prices are a real drag.(la garconne)

anyhoo-i hope you enjoyed the round up...i'm going to go get righteous+listen to some greatest hits...