Monday, December 10, 2007

sharice is jealous of the blog

east village afternoon

1.josh exit
2.cheslaine on broadway
3.chanukkah cheer on st. mark's
4.pumpkin topper
5.momofuku pickled

erin fetherston for target

the satin bow pants and the voile bunny top--ill fitting unless you're super ano..the bags and the bow sweatshirt--keepers. get 'em while you can.

christmas wishlist 2007

dear sugar santa,
i'd like a vintage chanel bag. and vivienne westwood mary janes in red. and pirate boots in any color. and rachel comey dresses and shoes. and grey ant pants. and A'n'D accessories. and perhaps also more CHANEL, please.
with love and a hopeful demeanor.

doggystyle yoga mini pimp and some burps...just like all the reality shows

i gotta say, it wasn't quite all i dreamed it to be..