Thursday, February 25, 2010

we have so much to do but it just keeps snowing.

week in review (backwards):

14.1.-6.--behind the scenes of our magazine party shoot. the day was pretty crap but erika was completely amazing+ my gals, jill+kat, are beyond delightful to work with.....
i'm totally jazzed with the results!!! all kinds of hotness+pattern clash. (i'll share them with y'all after we suss out the edit for this impending awesome publication).

7. testing out some ideas (as always thankful for your help senor!)

8.-10. best bathtime ever...... it's impossible. i mean, i know we're related but sheesh my nephew is hella cute!

11.-12. drinks with dearest cedez at trophy bar.

13.-14. MAJOR polaroid editing going on...i've been sorting+organizing the past 10 years of work--to get it down to the best of the best for this weekends powerhouse portfolio review..(wish me luck!)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

it was, indeed, just a matter of time.

a belated recap of tuesday nights festivites that involved thakoon at aloha rag, bodkin+open ocean at future perfect, + lastly samantha pleet's post-show fiesta+screening at the soho grand.

i was having so much fun chatting that for the most part i neglected to take many pictures..i did nab a happy samantha, a cleavage-curious carlen, some great lips+record a babes of blogtown shoe view with miss white lightning+sea of shoes (lovely to meet you jane!) who were both rocking some sweet green velvet. it was a really fun fashion event with so many bests i was delighted to see.

many thanks to dana for the rad pic of my bracelets+the one of me+sam--so cute!

+here are a couple of stills from the darling film that andrew+kat made for SP.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

i can't seem to shake this feeling that you might be what i need.

been thinking, would it just be the same shit, different place?
or is it near time to actualize my 15 year old vision of moving to california for a bit??

perhaps we need to go to a psychic or consult some crystals because i can't quite surmise. (cedez-bff date-coming soon!)