Saturday, February 20, 2010

it was, indeed, just a matter of time.

a belated recap of tuesday nights festivites that involved thakoon at aloha rag, bodkin+open ocean at future perfect, + lastly samantha pleet's post-show fiesta+screening at the soho grand.

i was having so much fun chatting that for the most part i neglected to take many pictures..i did nab a happy samantha, a cleavage-curious carlen, some great lips+record a babes of blogtown shoe view with miss white lightning+sea of shoes (lovely to meet you jane!) who were both rocking some sweet green velvet. it was a really fun fashion event with so many bests i was delighted to see.

many thanks to dana for the rad pic of my bracelets+the one of me+sam--so cute!

+here are a couple of stills from the darling film that andrew+kat made for SP.

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Anonymous said...

you are one lovely lady!!!!