Tuesday, February 3, 2009

a pop in with a pupusa on the side.

claire+jeremy of day19 made the raddest....eli, there ever was.
this kid is already well on his way to being the coolest kiddo i know at the skatepark (or anywhere on the west coast for that matter).

homies have some.

(at the home of the frequency+front stage with petty cash)

they breed well.

the magnificent mejean's: madame inger et mademoiselle suzanne marie.

we will always have santa monica peers

playing with noise

who doesn't love a little vintage foto action..check out picnik for 60's, holga style+more filters..plus a polaroid option..it's easy breezy.(which means something-coming from a fotographer who can barely adjust minor color in fotoshop).
thank you to the enthusiast + ms. tavi for the heads up.


i shot this awhile ago but given that it is snowing AGAIN, i figured it might be an appropriate beginning of the next round.