Tuesday, August 16, 2011

it's all happening, on bond and bowery: september 16, 2011.

lifting off in the gravitation pull of energetic gratitude.

i've never been this joyful+fully thankful--to continue daily to excitedly wake in a fantasy that's truly real.....in my wildest rainbow-drenched visions, i never imagined a rose-colored, pizza-party-stuffed, floating-in-the-bluest-sea, lost-on-a-swiss mountain, passport-stamped dream such as this easy breeze of bottomless delight.

namaste all day!

-quiet earthly perspiration and an orbiting fact-

6.1. leaving locarno, switzerland.
2.+3. looking to manhattan from home base.
4. over on the transatlantic.
5. palazzo sasso view. ravello, italy.
6. leaving manhattan, ny.

the foggy mountains of switzerland welcomed us in for an international hang.

we have just returned from a magical journey abroad to ravello, italy and locarno, switzerland..we visited the latter destination for the locarno film festival to celebrate the european premieres of two of my betrothed's producing projects: ANOTHER EARTH (artist public domain) and TERRI (verisimilitude).

not that i could be a million percent objective but both films are truly wonderful in the most thoughtful fashion. not hard to imagine given the respectively radical nature of both directors mike cahill and azazel jacobs.
i strongly encourage you find a way to see these films, they will not just entertain you but thoughtfully challenge you to consider the shared human experience and the complex circumstance of subjectivity.

for the audiophiles, the ANOTHER EARTH soundtrack by the dear men of FALL ON YOUR SWORD is BRILLIANT!!!

they flew all the way to locarno to perform but unfortunately the 220 voltage got the best of their equipment..leaving my dance off with lady brit at a stand still, cut regrettably short by stupid swiss energy... but if you wanna get with it;) i strongly suggest you check out (+stream) it here. or better yet buy it here! (or remixed here)

+as i was getting my google on just now i've found a funny smaller-world-by-the-day crossover...
a music video of my old friend henry gummer/wolfe's song "somebody else" shot by aza (terri+mamas man) starring the newest member of team awesome (i.e. new favorite dance+gun club partner), brit (co-writer+star of another earth)..