Wednesday, March 31, 2010

excuse me while i kiss the sky...

i'm overflowing with plans for business cards, new missions, newly organized life (on the perpetual to do list), gardening, picturing, getting a pair of leather leggings? dreamcatching, play soccer! wear sunscreen! pour resin! quilting, daisy picking...there's much to be done so, as a start, i've put some new photos up on my website!

("into the mystic" is just the working title, so don't judge..actually, feel free to volunteer a title...if i use it, i'll give you a print!)

we had to go around.

freedom fighters and passover imbibers...say prune.


thank you to sam+pat (and parents) for hosting such a lovely passover evening!!

*it was the perfect opportunity to debut a couple of my recently-acquired bonkers-berber treasures..

it's a trick new to me.

Gif Created on Make A Gif

the best gif you've ever seen, riiight?!
(aiyght, maybe not..but i thought, in honor of my first passover dinner since the 90's, i'd make a first time matzo gif:)

i discovered some best borough love in the heart of ysl's garden.

it's just my stubborn habits holding still.

9.1.aglou: morocco
2.fes: morocco
3.fes: morocco
4.strangford: UK
5.tiznit: morocco
6.between fes+madrid
7.between marrakesh+fes
8.strangford: UK
9.between marrakesh+fes

we developed inside jokes and made donkey noises in the dark.

seems like you started it.

can you believe the patterns on this guyit would appear that she was likely the inspiration for all the moroccan tile work..

see what i mean?