Tuesday, July 7, 2009

he caught my light.

in related news..i have just put in requests with both miss white lightning+the enthusiast for a dream catcher (or 5) from their upcoming west to east road trip...+now in addition i am really feeling this fireworks y dream holder canvas..so send it over.
the mark moore gallery in los angeles has a todd herbert show that opens on july 11th...if i was on the left coast, i would go lookee see how much this bad boy is..(or at least take a picture so i could print out a shit version+put it on my wall..)

a beautiful day in the lives of others.

except for the 5 alarm fire that started just before the fireworks, the night was A(+)lright. this years shindiggy was much smaller than last years (on purpose+lorda mercy)..but a lot of folks whom we love came for our independence fiesta..we hosted about 30-40 buddies+20 or so of their buddies...mercedez made some stupendous punches+mary louise brought some like-minded lemonade..heather+faye both brought delights, i made a well received pasta salad (which was finished before i got a bite), there were ample supplies of marlow+daughters weiners+assorted beef..basically we imbibed+indulged all night long.
i'm a little sorry that i took so few pictures..but you see, i'm still not back to full foto blogger mode..i gots to say that from time to time, it's more fun just to experience things, rather than fotograph the experience..(also, i kept misplacing my camera+my drink all night, so that might have a leetle to do with it.)

you don't need route 66 for kicks.

balloon wranglers

sadly the pictures kat took of me carrying the 60 balloons home (in the windywindy day, nearly walking horizontally) were all overblown, so all i have is this to show the partial mass of balloon fantastic.