Monday, April 19, 2010

i fell hard for the magnificent earth pounding.

these days, the words drum and circle in combination rarely hold much appeal..but last weeks loomstate/pamela love/spoke visuals MAGNIFICENT EARTH situation was absolute perfection. hell, i might even go as far as saying it was my favorite fashion party i've attended..ever? in no small part, because it attracted not just the usual fashion cuties but also a slew of my favorite musically inclined buddies.

now, as has lately been the case, i was too busy getting groovy (with some favorite babes of blogtown- kat, elizabeth, and laia) +seeing all my aforementioned friends-to stop+take any fotos of the actual (40 drummer!) circle...

but just before we left, i remembered about this here blog+the whole foto-thing-that-i-do, so, i snapped these few shots in the hallway on our way out...

so, in conclusion, can we do this again?
i liked it very much.

whilst he watched the kites, i introduced him to mister softee.

what a nice spring sunday..
it began at the brooklyn flea on the hunt for vintage planters or wooden boxes. i left empty handed with a full belly and a new obsession for the absolutely delicious red hook lobster pound lobster roll. the rest of the afternoon was spent with the adorable little man + my favorite brother on a park slope playdate .. +the evening was passed at jelly+dudes fun friend-filled barBQ in greenpoint.

we embarked on a magical mission of domestic proportions.

during the pleets passover event, i had asked patrick where they bought the gorgeous greens for their (completely covetable) outdoor garden+he said red hook. now, i don't know red hook at all (other than the great yellow+blue block that is ikea), due to the fact that it's most easily reached by car-which we do not two saturdays ago (quick aside-i know i'm doing a crap job at keeping up to date on this here blog+i'm sorry for that--my IRL life has been quite busy) we got picked up for a pleet guided plant mission. the liberty sunset garden center is AMAZING, right on the water with amazing views of the verrazano bridge+a really radical range of plants.
we spent about 3 just looking, touching + exclaiming over the goods. i mean, who knew you could spend so much time just browsing at a garden center? truthfully, all of us were surprised that our collective interest was peaked for so long...anyhow, we all ended up with some fun stuff and rounded our red hook adventure with steve's delicious key lime pie (which i don't normally care about-but this graham cracker crust is not to be missed), followed by a bop into erie basin.

cedez, xabi+i came back to ours +got our hands in the dirt for some sunset planting and i was able to realize my vision of doing a mostly green planter and making the other with a range of, blah bla blah, i present you with the results:

i'm going to have to do another run, or two, to the farmers market to snag a few more herbs+fleurs but i'd say we're off to a dynamic start!

if the road were clear of glass smoke and the vision a reality...

i'd own one of these and be driving around the country (or in my deeper dreams, europe) in one of these sweet rides all summer long...taking fotos, eating green chile, +hitting thrift stores the whole way through.