Friday, August 7, 2009

i dare you.

to go check out the newly updated painting section on my website!
comments appreciated, as always:)

have a good weekend.

i'll tell you more later.

breezing through the basics.

vintage dress-arizona thrift/afghani earrings/chloe sevigny for opening ceremony wedges(!!!!)
vintage victorian nightgown as dress-maine antique mall/vintage stripeE purse/new favorite shoes
vintage lace t-church sale/old betsey johnson cut offs/chloe for opening ceremony wedges
american apparel t/burfitt shorts/acne lace ups/vintage horn necklace-garment room
forever21 shades/vintage crochet top-maine thrift/american apparel skirt/alpargatas-barcelona
barbara hulaniki for topshop bodysuit/rachel comey westside pants-sample sale/authentic flamenco shoes-barcelona/straw bag-tossa de mar
vintage misfits tank/samantha pleet shorts/vintage huaraches-maine thrift
cheek-ie headband/vintage new york sparkle t-sanfran'03/pucci dress/minnetonka booties
vintage sailor top as dress-hand me down from dad/vintage wellies-santa fe thrift
vintage twin towers t-ebay/kerrigan skinnies-hillary rush LA
vintage embroidered top/vintage spandex pink stripe dress-maine thrift/vintage platform reeboks-williamsburg thrift
beater t-ex bf dads hand me down/samantha pleet linen shorts-sample sale/lion belt-denver thrift/la cubierta platform canvas lace ups
c+c tank/vintage hostess skirt-maine salvation army/acne lace ups/new pedicure
vintage button down-?thrift/samantha pleet shorts/LD tuttle sandals-creatures of comfort

what made you happy last week?

rainbo on the roof-new chloe wedges-marlow+daughters burgers.

we whispered about the future.

(for more about this beautiful creature, please visit dana's blog here.)

set the bar, high

marlow+sons (julia+josh)
pete's candy shop (katie+owen)