Thursday, July 2, 2009

i was there for a full art cycle.

top foto by sP.

from manana to manana...

mi senor is coming home manana!!!!!!
+on saturday, we'll celebrate all kinds of american independence+hot dogs.

(hopefully we can still see the fireworks? apparently they've moved them over to the jersey side-for the 400th yr anniversary of mr. hudson's initial adventure:(

it's really just simple arithmetic, i'll take 1 of each.

i gots to diy, given that i just got a couple of these french boater shirts in with a lace up front+one without..

is anybody REALLy good at the c's? or have a bunch of excess cash laying about?
i always make one way different than the other.
(let me know if you can help..seriously)

AND, i'm n love with these!!

the chloe sevigny for opening ceremony buckle ups...
i want these dreamE numbers for my turning 30 time.

simply irressistible..on las ramblas.

this guy made kat+my afternoon.
he's got very specific tattoos, so intense but radically succinct..
partial shoe/partial socks/fake bottoms from behind...
bidness in the back, party in the front.

hey woman, you know i like you.

i took these for you in madrid+cadaques respectively.

i thought of you wiles/while i came upon this guy.

he passed on a side street in barceloneta..

a lady for ladypantalones.

i give you a virtual painting, with love from casa nun in cadaques.

i thought of you on this teeny tiny street we were on by mistake.

for jD.

a splendid sapphire salut.

one heart shaped cloud happened to cultivate the song for our afternoon..

many delightful daydates.
2 years+one month anniversary in cadaques.
fotos y besos.
my best trip to spain.
+i can just tell, the next one will be even better.

*soundtrack to cadaques was:
besosyfotos6 mix from spring 2007..
including some gems which will be in rotation once again this time around :
summer of love/B52's..thank you/ledzep..marrakesh express/crosbystillsnash+young...hung upside down/buffalo springfield..please mr. postman..and i love her/the beatles..+some built to spill, france gall, acetone, bravo silva, the smiths..+such. it was a good switchback rd song roster.

pause of might.

tossa de mar por amor