Thursday, July 2, 2009

it's really just simple arithmetic, i'll take 1 of each.

i gots to diy, given that i just got a couple of these french boater shirts in with a lace up front+one without..

is anybody REALLy good at the c's? or have a bunch of excess cash laying about?
i always make one way different than the other.
(let me know if you can help..seriously)

AND, i'm n love with these!!

the chloe sevigny for opening ceremony buckle ups...
i want these dreamE numbers for my turning 30 time.


Anonymous said...

i also thought the same thing the first time i saw that specific chanel shirt! just practice the making the Cs on scrap fabric first. love your blog!!

white lightning said...

i tried the chloe boots on at work. they are AS GOOD AS YOU WANT THEM TO BE. amazinggg