Monday, October 31, 2011

it's not fathers day but it's good to be thankful everyday..

ty showed me this holy ghost video the other day and it had me cracking places downtown/williamsburg style.

and here's 'i'm his girl' by friends...

i can really get behind these lyrics right about now;)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

remember that time we danced in the foggy exploding stars?

here i am, once again feeling terribly lucky to have such remarkably radical friends!!

i can't begin to describe how overjoyed i was this afternoon to receive this AMAZING record of last years librAwesome californiAdventure.. sent to me by the one+only mr. multi-talented danny sangra, my newest libro birthday week buddy+bestE's future forever, who has wowed me full-tilt in oh so many ways+certainly again today with his impeccable video documentation skills.

it's just simply delightful to see the still images i've been processing, since our return last october, come back to life in real time...
[also kinda wild that it's been nearly a whole year since, and it's almost time for our 2nd annual;]

i hope you enjoy it nearly as much as i do!

p.s. i strongly suggest watching it full's way better that way;)

Friday, September 16, 2011

game day.

we're all done with the install: i.e. full tilt color bombing of the rogan shop!
it will be up all weekend.
so, if you can't make the opening tonight stop by sometime in the next couple or before october 2, when my work comes down.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

trains, planes and automobiles brought this distance of dreamers to rest.

about to head back to the shop for the second day of install+i have to say, it's looking pretty right on! thanks to the magical work of our install boys and my dear friend and oft-times curator katharine.

+i'm happy to report that zing magazine posted about the show right ahead of warhol's gagosian show, marking the first time my name has been in print next to his--not in my own artist statements...10 year anniversary awesome is what i say to that!

+as always, further foto updates are always available on my follow up if you'd like.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

it's mostly good cause it's a true story.

celebrating 10 years of NYC today!

today marks the 10th anniversary of my move to manhattan!

i arrived on thompson street with all the dreamy dreams of any first timer in the city...with lofty visions of my fabulous future as a fashion fotographer...eager to start work as NYLON magazines first foto intern and as it turned out their very first street style fotographer..

in the years between a decade ago and today my path has diverged, away from fashion fotography and further into fine art....

but here i am still straddling the two communities with this upcoming solo show, "the distance of dreamers", presented by my dear friend SFK at the ROGAN store on september 16th...where we will be celebrating and articulating the importance of colorful beauty within our collaborative community --a project that was born and has grown organically out of friends in both fields of fashion and art.

i'll take this opportunity to publicly say that am equally thankful for all the luck i've had and all the mistakes i've made since my move from santa fe at 21...
it started off as very bewildering time (still so thankful my bff cedez made the move with me that semester!) and one that proved a little scary (to be here during 9/11) +yet one that was truly a crash course in city life.
whereas now, not at all.
this is home.
it is nothing, if not still a waking dream.

thank you all for your support and encouragement.
i feel fully blessed!

annnd here is the official press release for our event:

September 16th, 2011 ROGAN, in collaboration with SFK Accessories, presents a night of fashion, music, art & photography. “The Distance of Dreamers'”, curated by Katharine B. Barthelme, features new photography and paintings by Louise Ingalls Sturges. This unique shopping event celebrates the official launch of SFK Accessories, including the limited edition SFK+ROGAN/ Loomstate collaboration. Music will be provided by DJ Lane ( and Jill Bradshaw. Delectable treats by Uyen Uyen & FooFoo C.C. Please come toast another NY Fashion Week goodbye with us!
For the ROGAN/LOOMSTATE+ SFK camera straps collaboration series, Sarah worked closely with ROGAN and Loomstate on this project. They came up with something unique by using more industrial chain and salvaged materials such as denim, Mexican blanket, and rope.
About SFK:
SFK is an accessories brand founded in 2010 in Brooklyn, NY by former Teen Vogue Accessories Editor, Sarah Frances Kuhn. Currently, her line consists of her incredibly chic, yet functional camera straps. All pieces are handmade with the finest materials in her Brooklyn studio. SFK has quickly become a favorite amongst some of the most well known names in fashion, such as Susanna Lau (, Eva Chen (Teen Vogue), Phil Oh (, and Fiona Byrne ( She was recently named "One to Watch" by both NBC's fashion website and ThreadNY, and featured on SFK also exhibits a wide range of photographers in her online gallery; the first one is Louise Ingalls Sturges.
About Louise Ingalls Sturges:
Brooklyn based artist, Louise Ingalls Sturges is creating an ongoing archive of her life. She documents her friends, lovers, family and surrounding social landscape in an effort to preserve the now, straddling both the joys of youth and responsibility of adulthood. The power of her photography is lead by an uncanny understanding of American iconography. Sturges transforms the viewer into a confidant, inviting us to be her companion as we bear witness to an ever-changing generation in search of the real.
About ROGAN:
Founded in 2001, ROGAN combines soulful minimalism with traditional quality. The men’s and women’s collections are founded on an intellectual design approach that combines spartan utilitarianism with modernism through progressive and unorthodox shapes and constructions. The collection continues to blur the lines between traditional and experimental, historical and modern, rural and urban, and finally clothing and architecture. Inspired by mid-century modern art, Rogan works with the contrast and interplay of black and white to create strong graphic statements throughout each collection. Extensive and ongoing research and development yields innovative form and traditional function in every piece. This combined with careful attention to detail in construction and finish creates seasonal collections that are at once timeless and completely modern.
The ROGAN Bouwerie shop, which formerly housed the Bouwerie Lane Theatre, is inspired by the street-level culture and energy of downtown New York City, of which the Bowery has always been emblematic. This, combined with the recent surge of design-driven development on the Bowery set the stage perfectly for the ROGAN shop.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

it's all happening, on bond and bowery: september 16, 2011.

lifting off in the gravitation pull of energetic gratitude.

i've never been this joyful+fully thankful--to continue daily to excitedly wake in a fantasy that's truly my wildest rainbow-drenched visions, i never imagined a rose-colored, pizza-party-stuffed, floating-in-the-bluest-sea, lost-on-a-swiss mountain, passport-stamped dream such as this easy breeze of bottomless delight.

namaste all day!