Saturday, November 12, 2011

leaning towards a cyclical nature.

thinking a lot about andy goldworthy during these sunny fall days.


mercedez rex said...

Love all these! natural color gradient, yes please!

Karina Cifuentes said...

What amazing composition. Love these.

Kristin said...

love this photographs!
Check out my blog, follow maybe?!


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Julia said...

Beautiful photos. Nature is amazing and it should be more explored from an artistic point of view.

Amelia Jones said...

I absolutely adore all these pictures!! You're so talented! An I'm now following you.

Amelia xx

wheatgerm said...

those are some great pics

Sarah minijuegos said...

that fantastic photos, several drops for my wallpaper, the truth that all pictures are great .... I wanted to see more seriously ..
greetings and congratulations on the blog ..

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Bethany said...

OMG, I've loved Andy G. since we watched a video about him in high school art class!

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