Thursday, February 7, 2008

remember teen angst?

given my lack of mobility and subsequent mental unrest, this came to mind.
my dad gave me this cd and my first box, with a cd player for my birthday in 8th grade.
reminds me of when mtv actually played music videos, wearing scrunchies, crushing on a boy i'd end up dating for years to come[that i can't believe ever happened now cause all we had in common were things like being good at sports, not doing homework, smoking ciggies, and being mad at our parents--all of which 'cept the smoking are no longer applicable], timing chuck and gayatri kissing for over 48 minutes straight on a field trip to gettysburg, revlon outrageous shampoo, the grunge movement by way of prep school jersey. you know, hardcore shit.

remember adventures in babysitting?

i used to have a four poster bed to use as a microphone too.
and i once went on a double date with my gal mariana with two older boys. we got gussied, they wore sweatpants. o top it off we saw the movie, Rudy.
elizabeth shue-so relate-able.

have i told you that i'm sick of being sick?

seriously though, it's been over 2 weeks and two different diagnosis'. a jasper johns opening, goodbye party, 2 birthday parties, engagement party, fashion week everything, superbowl party, 2 art show deadlines, a paying foto gig, BUST party, voting on super tuesday...i mean i don't mean to complain, it's just that i being debilitated is lame.. and it's driving me bonkers.

hey hot shot! annual opens at jen bekman this friday

"ne plus ultra"
jen bekman gallery
6 spring st btw elizabeth and bowery