Thursday, February 7, 2008

remember teen angst?

given my lack of mobility and subsequent mental unrest, this came to mind.
my dad gave me this cd and my first box, with a cd player for my birthday in 8th grade.
reminds me of when mtv actually played music videos, wearing scrunchies, crushing on a boy i'd end up dating for years to come[that i can't believe ever happened now cause all we had in common were things like being good at sports, not doing homework, smoking ciggies, and being mad at our parents--all of which 'cept the smoking are no longer applicable], timing chuck and gayatri kissing for over 48 minutes straight on a field trip to gettysburg, revlon outrageous shampoo, the grunge movement by way of prep school jersey. you know, hardcore shit.


righteous plaisant said...

Our Dearest Louise!,

we are very sad to see you are not well! how did we have to find this out through a blog? mind you, these things are a trail of thought.. so its a good as instant. How are you holding up. I am going to upload a photo just for you right now, cause i know how much colour you bring in to the monotone righteous plaisant world. This ones for you baby x

brendan donnelly said...

i'm still there.